Riding Holidays in Transylvania-equestrian tourism in the land of Dracula


“The guides (one guide, one helper) we had were exceptionally nice, we loved them both and they looked after us in a wholly friendly, polite and considerate way, never bossing us around and letting us set the pace of the riding. A real added bonus was that, when we arrived at a new destination, they would show us around the village and we would go and watch breadmaking, look round a little musesm, go to a working water mill, sample local mineral water etc etc. And meet local people. The people, by the way, were polite, civilsed, quite friendly, not at all interested in our money which makes a nice change — in fact they kept trying to give us things like great lumps of fresh cheese for which we had to insist on paying …”

Eliza H. from England

“An extraordinarily memorable two weeks that will stay with the three of us lifelong.”

J.B. family from England

“We saw some unbelievable sights and am so glad I made the effort.”

Mr. B.M. from England

“Had a great holiday, thanks for a fab trip-have been spreading the word.”

Miss T.S. from England

“Thank you for the wonderful week of riding. Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves-we didn’t want to come home! I really enjoyed riding Nelly and have never had so much fun horse riding. Paul is also very keen now on doing more horse riding holidays and we are seriously considering coming back to Romania next year!”

Mrs. F.K. from England

“I liked the riding week, and especially my horse.”

Mrs. S.H. from Germany

“The hosts are the most welcoming people. Horses are very good, self-assured and strong. Tack was in perfect condition. I would particularly recommend working with Mr. Ross, since his attitude towards the guests and horses is very good.”

Mr. Y.G. from Israel

“Many thanks for making my riding holiday so fun and memorable. I was absolutely delighted with everything.”

Miss J.S. from Scotland

“We had the best vacation of our lives. Our whole trip—and the company of the other riders and you and your staff—were beyond compare. We loved the riding. The horses were wonderful and riding into the high meadows was the most beautiful area I’ve ever been.”

Mrs. C from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States